Saxophonist and composer Uwe Steinmetz was born in Bremervörde, a town in northern Germany, in 1975. His musical influences came mainly from the teachers he studied and performed with during his school years in Berlin, Bern, Madras and Boston as a scholarship winner of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation: John Surman, John Ruocco, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Bob Mintzer, Michael Brecker, David Liebman, George Russell, Jerry Bergonzi and Cecil McBee among many others. He has performed his own music on four continents and in more than thirty countries and has received national and international awards for his artistic work, including the a double price as a soloist and band leader at the European Jazz Competition in Spain in 2001. He has released 12 CDs with his own music and has appeared on numerous jazz CDs as a solist.

Mr. Steinmetz’s compositions include works for choir, organ and chamber ensembles, string quartet and jazz orchestra. Since 2002 he has worked with the London-based Fitzwilliam String Quartet, who premiered three of his works. In his compositional work he often deals with biblical or theological themes and has appeared on panels, in books and television documentaries about improvised music, church music and theology. His latest premiered works included commissions for a cantata for 3000 singers and Eric Ericsons Kammerkor from Stockholm and an oratorio based on Milton's Paradise lost. As an educator, he has been giving Master Classes in many countries and is currently an associate professor for Saxophone and Improvisation at the Conservatory of Rostock at the Baltic Sea. In 2015 he was granted a research position at the German Liturgical Institute at the University of Leipzig and the Academy of Gothenburg to study the relationship between Liturgy and Jazz Improvisation.

As a Christian he seeks to increase the awareness that music and other art forms can help people discover a deeper, healing and reconciling truth in an increasingly fragmented society and participates as an artist in projects that foster and encourage intercultural dialogue and support civil peace-building efforts.

thank you very much for your interest in my musical projects. I grew up 35 miles southeast of the Northern Sea - still today, from all places in nature, the open sea is where I like to be most - it reminds me of eternity, eternal change, of travelling to new places - but it also creates the great sense of "homecoming" for me and ultimate, restful peace. All of these feelings arouse when I listen and play music, too. To come closer to this "inner sea", I became a musician.

I have been playing saxophone now since more than 27 years and since 17 years trying to bring more unity to my music and my spiritual experiences and beliefs. For me, music should be seriously entertaining on all levels, inspiring, challenging, enriching, for soul, heart and mind - as all great art and music should be, and ultimately a healing force in a fragmented world. This journey led me to interesting and enriching projects and continues to do so - so WELCOME and hopefully some of the things I have here will be enriching and inspiring for you too.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any further inquiries, CDs and Ensemble information directly at or use the contact section here!

and I hope to see you out there soon,
UWE .-